I have constructed a shovel that includes an attached seed dispenser. This invention will be beneficial when astronauts start planting food in various places throughout space such as Mars. Growing your own food in space rather than packing a few years’ worth of stock is a more sufficient method of producing food because the spaceship will weigh too much disrupting its departure from Earth. I have made my invention to make gardening for astronauts simpler and less time consuming. The tool consists of a cup-shaped model to hold the seeds that is attached to the handle. Before using, you must pour however many seeds into the cup you wish to plant then fasten the lid to secure the seeds. Afterwards, you use the shovel to dig a hole in the ground. Once you have created your hole, you can proceed to tilt the invention backwards causing the seeds to filter out of the device and into the hole. Using this device lets you portion out the number of seeds you choose to plant in a timely matter.

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