The tool that I made is names “Thingy”. Thingy is a tool that can help people that need to carry multiple tools but also need a place to hold wire or rope. The tool can carry up to 6 tools and is tall enough for the person on wrap wire or rope around the neck/base.
Thingy is useful because when there are astronauts in space, they are constantly building and repairing things. They need to carry multiple tools and other things to different places in the space craft. They don’t want to constantly go back and forth to get the certain tool or material. This tool is easy to carry and light weight. Imagine if you had to get six different tools, would you want to keep going from one place to another to get one tool at a time, or would you rather have something to carry all of them at once so you have all of them? The Thingy is a useful object because it is lightweight and easy to use.

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