This item utilizes the double ball clamp and the multi use bracket which are both currently used on the ISS. I decided on this project because during my research I learned the multi use brackets that are currently used on the ISS are beginning to fail and that they are looking for a new option. I then developed this. This will take place of the multi use bracket (if implemented) which holds a variety of items. I have modified my design to meet the constraints of this competition so therefore there is more parts than there could be and all parts have had to be scaled down and their quality reduced. This design is able to attach to the seat track and is fitted with a bracket on the top that is standard to all cameras and laptops. This design allows for a full range of motion and the bracket to be locked at any angle. This design also offers for a rigid structure and bolts that lock in and seat when tightened. I have much more to say about this but I have run out of space.

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