For the two for the crew challenge I have combined a Wrench and a Screwdriver. I have used the wrench because it is one of the most commonly used tools in everyday life. Same goes for the Screwdriver as well. I attached them together by having the end of the wrench as the handle of the screwdriver. That way it would have the best support for it, that way it will not break apart. The wrench size that I used was a 10mm Wrench because it is the most common type of wrench. For the screwdriver I used a Allen head screwdriver. Due to the weight of the wrench and the thinness of the screwdriver I had to balance the weight by adding rings. This balanced it out while adding support. I even added the grooves of the screwdriver for more detail and for a better grip. That is about everything that I have to cover about my two for the crew challenge.

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