For my Two for the Crew project,I chose to make a wrench and hammer hybrid with a hook. On one end, there is the hammer to put nails in place. Hammered nails are needed in space because there is no gravity.The hammer would be used if something got loose in the station.The hammer will work in space because it uses force instead of gravity as a source. On the other end is a wrench. It is not the traditional wrench with three side to secure the nail.This wrench is enclosed on the all six sides and on top. This is to insure that the astronauts have maximum support and control over the nail.The nail will not be able to float away due to the top being enclosed.At the top of the hammer is a loop. This is so that astronauts can hook it onto their space suits while working on other parts of their task,using other tools.I believe that this will be a good tool for the space station because it doesn’t take up much space,it has multiple uses ,and is compatible with the conditions of outer space.

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