This is the “Deck of Cards Measuring Tool.” It is a tool designed to hold a deck of cards so that when the astronauts are playing cards with one another, they can keep the deck from floating and separating. It is also a measuring tool with a grid on the bottom to aid with the length and width of an object and a movable arm to measure the height of the object. The arm can also be used to hold down other things like the page of a book. It is a useful object because it gives the astronauts an opportunity to relax and play a game of cards without worrying about cards floating all over the place. It also serves as a measuring tool, which can be used for measuring a sample for an experiment. I came up with this idea by researching what astronauts do in space and finding the tab on NASA’s website describing what they do in their free time. I saw that they played cards and thought that without gravity, card games would be difficult.

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