The Swapper is a very useful tool that will allow an astronaut the capability of being able to hold a tool that can be swapped out for another at anytime. With an opening at the top an astronaut will be able to tether the tool onto themselves and will be safe from any loose objects in space. The Swapper provides a hammer type shape at the top of the tool and has a long circular handle. Then towards the bottom of the tool there is a clip system that can open and close to allow any type of tool to go into the bottom of the hammer. As you can see in the image an astronaut will be able to 3D print any tool they desire and be able to connect it with the bottom of the Swapper. The very simple but helpful tool can let astronauts get the tools they need to use “on the go”. They can even create a storage system that they can tether to themselves and storage different tools that they can at any time equip.

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