The tool that is being presented is a back scratcher/ comb. This device is made of plastic bristles and a strong plastic handle grip. This tool is all purple which can also be easier to find in space.This will stand out when you have a deep itch or an alfa strand sticking up! Living as astronaut, it is hard having true necessities hy-genetically speaking. This tool is for the purpose to help astronauts’ backs/heads. The comb can not be used roughly or can cause grave damage to the scalp just as any other. The scratcher is under same standards. This tool can be applied at any rate and defined to reach your destination. Not to complain about how to reach the hard places because the gravityless rocket/aircraft that the astronauts will have will help the rotation. The BC can simply be used by placing it against a wall that is not occupied and pressing the area of itch upon its position. Then comb all that needs to be combed. Stroke thoroughly through the scalp until content of no knots.

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