This project combines two things that are widely used on the ISS - the storage container and a hook/tether. I got this idea from one of my favorite movies (and I hope a favorite of the astronauts on ISS) - Star Wars. The character that I love the most is Chewbacca. He has this cool utility belt that is called a bandoleer. I thought it would be cool to create a box and a hook device that would lock together (when you print a multiple version of it) to create either a belt or a over the shoulder bandoleer. Boxes could be used to store multiple objects. You can use the hooks to attach the boxes to the surfaces of the ISS or use it as a belt buckle. Each box could be labeled with the objects that you store inside. I hope that our brave astronauts will have a lot of fun printing and putting this together and using it in space (like it was intended to be used in the movie). Have fun!

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