The Wrench Clamp is a simple but functional combination of a clamp and a wrench. The clamp part of the design can keep objects together or hold them in place. The clamp has hooks on its back, allowing it to be hung on a hook or peg. The wrench part of the design is very simple, combined with the screw part of the clamp. It can be used while screwed into the clamp or when it is not attached. The wrench can be used to turn nuts or bolts of the correct size.
I chose to make a clamp because a clamp could be a very useful tool on the ISS, where microgravity causes things to float around. The wrench is a practical and applicable tool to combine with the clamp, and it fits naturally in the clamp’s design.
Overall, the Wrench Clamp is a convenient easy-to-use combination of two tools. It is small and simple, minimizing the amount of plastic necessary to print it. It can be stored easily and carried anywhere. The Wrench Clamp could be an instrumental object for astronauts on the ISS.

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