The scrammer can do multiple things while saving space. The scrammer is made from two tools, a hammer and a screwdriver. The hammer is strong enough to break off rock samples of a larger rock. The hammer is also designed to drive core tubes into the lunar soil. The screwdriver will be used to create new tools or items in the spacecraft. The screwdriver can also disassemble unwanted objects. The screwdriver will retract into the scrammer to save space and to reduce the risk of it destroying anything. The scrammer will be able to allow the astronauts to do there job faster because both of those tools are in the same spot together. The hammer is also capable to break apart objects that were accidentally put together or not wanted to be together anymore. The scrammer will allow the astronauts to do there jobs more efficient. The hammer is also structured to withstand powerful materials and not break from it. The scrammer is a great object for space.

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