My Two for the Crew innovation is actually more of a Three for the Crew innovation! It combines tools that astronauts need for regular repairs, into one device. I knew that astronauts needed many tools in space as if anything broke they would have to fix it themselves. The current tools are very bulky and the tools that do combine a few devices together are even bulkier than the original device. My device is an adjustable wrench that has a large range of adjustments , and also it currently contains a screwdriver and allen wrench. The screwdriver and allen wrench fit into the hole at the end of the wrench with a snap fit. Other tools can also be printed in the correct dimensions and then be placed into the fit depending on the needs of the astronauts. These innovations will lessen the need for many cumbersome tools for astronaut usage and will instead be replaced with this light weight, efficient, portable and easily adaptable device.

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