On the International Space Station, there is no gravity. To compensate, for this everything must be held down. This is done normally using velcro or carabiners. Also, sockets are used to adjust different valves or fix things such as control panels. The Cara-socket combines a carabiner and sockets. Basically, the device consists of a clip and a section with sockets. The device is a rectangular prism shape. Therefore, it will fit nicely in a pocket and comfortably in a hand. The socket sizes include: 30mm, 25mm, 23mm, 22mm, 21mm, and 20mm. The clip can be used to hold other tools such as pliers or keep simple things like belts from floating around the station. On the ISS, there are handles for the astronauts to hold on to which the Cara-socket can be clipped to. The hook-like shape of the clip makes it hard for something to accidentally slip out. To use the socket portion, place the device over the nut/bolt and slide the device down until it fits.

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