When in space, there will be a need to assemble objects in low gravity. Usually, they will be assembled and held using screws. Sometimes screws might become stripped in the process. My tool, the Drew makes working with both even easier. The tool I’ve created combines the two tools that can go hand-in-hand. In space, a stripped screw can remove time when repairing or putting together machinery efficiently. The hilt of the tool has been elongated to accommodate for the large gloves of an astronaut in a spacewalk. It being an old-styled hand-drill allows for faster drilling and less effort utilized in the job, which is very important in the low gravity of space. The drill and screwdriver both can be reprinted in different sizes to work with different screw sizes. The drill can also be used to open broken or unopenable objects to extract needed objects. The grip has also been textured to be comfortable while using bare hands and gloves. In case of damage, the tool can be reprinted quickly.

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