This is a compact nut-screw remover. Ever had a tight space with a screw that had a nut on it? Well, this will suit all of your anti-stripping needs. Slip it on your screw assembly line it up with a hexagonal nut, and place in your screwdriver head on the opposite side and turn clockwise. For design, I have went with a very rectangular shape, a faster print is guaranteed. During use, make sure a very small amount of stress is placed on all thin plastic beams. To make a light design, we had to sacrifice some amounts of stiffness. A very worthy sacrifice it is, as it will not be a very wasteful tool. Everything there will be a complete necessity. In space precision is a very much needed yet very hard practice. The varying gravity amounts can make it a difficult experience in doing normal maintenance. New tools readily available, such as this one, can make those jobs easier. This is for 2 of the hundreds there will be.

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