The prototype created is called the prench. The prototype is a wrench and a pry bar combined. The wrench is a multi sized wrench with a V-shape and spikes. The spikes are if you have a nut that is bigger or smaller you just just the size that is for it. The spikes are so you can get the nut stuck on it, which makes the nut easier to come off. There are a ton of wrenches and pry bars made a year. The average cost of a wrench is $30 and the average cost of a pry bar is $30- $70. You can just cut that in half and make a prench. The main reason for a prench is when you’re in a space station and you have to get panels off. You would first use the wrench part to get the nuts off and then if it has a part that was welded you can use the pry bar part to pop it off. There are spots in the prench that if you need to get a nut off that isn't moving then you can use the middle so you have a handle on both sides. The structure of the prench gives you leverage when trying to pry something off.

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