The H.i.I.T. Board "Holds iPad" and "Is Table". There are two parts to this assembly. The "Holds iPad" part is a plug with a lightning adapter that fits into iPad's with that size adapter. The "Is Table" part looks like a table with two legs. These legs have engravings "Velcro Here". This is to show the velcro needs to be placed in these spots so that it can be placed on surfaces and stay there. This part also has a circular opening on the top. This is the top because the plug for the "Holds iPad" part fits into here snug and can sit up with the iPad. I got my idea while watching a video about the ISS. The man was using an iPad to show his location but every time he let go of it it would slowly float away. Therefore, the H.i.I.T. Board allows you to place the "table", which can be used to make small notes on the small surface, and place the plug that holds the iPad in its little port.

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