Designed for performance and comfort, the Triple-Tip Grip Multi-Tool is a single unit device that combines the functions of multiple commonly used tools aboard the International Space Station. Instead of having to secure and carry an upwards of 13 separate tools in microgravity, a NASA astronaut can now clip this one compact device to their utility belt that will take on the functions of all of them. The center of the device houses 10 interconnected hex wrenches of common metric sizes. The cylindrical protrusion on the right side of the device is a screwdriver, compatible with 1/4” hex bits. The interior of the screwdriver’s socket contains ridges that secure a bit. Near the left side of the tool are 2 square drives of 3/8” and 1/4”. When used with sockets, the tool becomes a socket wrench. Finally, ridges on the long sides of the tool create an ergonomic grip for torque and comfort while a hole on the left allows the tool to be secured in the microgravity environment by a carabiner.

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