The two tools that I chose to turn into one for the Two for the Crew Challenge are a wrench and screwdriver. My metric wrench/screwdriver contains three different sized wrench openings along the handle. On one end of the tool there is a standard screwdriver head and on the opposite side there is another wrench opening. The screwdriver is a flat tip that will tighten or loosen a screw by turning it. The wrench is a tool used for turning a bolt, nut, or a pipe. This multi purpose tool is compact, lightweight and easy to handle. It’s a handy way to make repairs in or on the International Space Station. In just a few hours you can 3D print the tool as needed. Waiting for a tool to be sent to space could take months or even years. With an attachment to an email, the crew can easily 3D print what they need. By 3D printing this tool, you can save time, money and space in the International Space Station. The possibilities are endless.

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