The tool is a wire managing tool that is a combination of a wire cutter and a cable holders. The tool is a wire cutter with a wire holder that is attached to it which when force is added it will slip right off. This tool is to organize wires. With the help of google street view it was seen that inside the I.S.S. it was really compact, and just wires bundled up or taped to walls. I really don’t think that anybody with O.C.D. will want to be there. This tool can help to cut the wires, and put severe wires together with the cable holder. The tool it self has the blades being triangles that are put together with the grip. On the back-end of the grip is where there is a cylinder shaped rod with four circular shape holes on the rod. The four cavities are for the wires, and it is attached to the body in a way so it can come off easily. I think some sort of sorting tool is needed, and I this will do the job. There is also multiple circular disk to move the blades, so the tool actually works.

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