This is the earbud mouthguard duo. The design is simple: the mouth guard is on one end, and it is put in the mouth and then bite down on it. On the other end are earbuds. The orb end of the bud is placed in the ear. It has many uses. During blast off, the mouth guard could be used for protection, so that you don't bite down on your tongue or cheek. The earbuds could be used so your ears don’t pop as you take off. The only downfall to this device is that not both ends can be used at the same time. But with help, the device could be altered to make that feature possible. The mouthguard could also be used if you grind your teeth at night, but don't want to waste the valuable space you have in the plane on your mouthguard. This idea is printed on plastic. This device is necessary to prevent injuries that could be sustained. Someone could your cheek or tongue and if they bite hard enough, and there may not be the necessary sanitation and treatment tools on the spacecraft.

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