The box-clamp hybrid is a two-piece print in one go and easy assembly. Astronauts can use the adjustable C-clamp to grip and hold objects into place. Small washers or screws can be easily stored away in the box located at the front. The grip pattern on the sides provides an easy grip for slippery hands. The hard shell on the grip can be used for smashing meteorites and the small gray appendage can be used for sifting through dust or chipping off dirt from rocks. Recommended usage of raft, 15% infill and two perimeter shells as well as three top and bottom solid layers. For immediate usage of clamp, twist shaft slowly until free spinning. Twist so top plate of shaft is no longer parallel to top beam. Place object into slot, tighten plates together and twist shaft so that it aligns with the top beam. The shaft is now locked and will not move until shaft gets turned.

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