My design is a wrench and a hammer. It is gray, has the same features as a wrench and hammer, and does the same functions. The hammer can be used to break things and drive in nails. The wrench can be used to tighten and grab nuts or bolts. This can be used for repairs in space or to create new things. Hammers are not dependent on gravity which helps when you need to do these repairs and to create new things while in space. Also,while you are in space new ideas and creations are always being thought of, so these tools could help bring new creations to life. The wrench and hammer combined could take up a lot less space, and be more efficient to carry around. Astronauts are having trouble being able to repair or create useful items in space, so this tool would help them be able to do these things which could be helpful in different situations. Since there is not always a lot of room on the spaceships this device would be helpful and innovative.

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