The tool that I created was a tongue scraper and a tartar scraper combined together. The tool with the circular open shape is used for the tongue scraping, and the pointy part with a rectangular backing Is for the tar to be scrapped off your teeth. The point for these two is so when you can't really brush your teeth you can at least get the bacteria and plaque off your teeth refraining from gum disease and unpleasant breathe. Keeping the enamel of your teeth healthy is very important and in space the toothpaste doesn't foam and it doesn't feel like that normal brush, but using the tongue scraper and tartar scraper it's as normal as it can get. Your teeth are very important and the proper care is important and when using the tartar scraper and tongue scraper you can use it while doing paperwork or other mild things you might have to do. This tool won't ever fail you it's very light and easy of use, and found to be very good at getting the bacteria off your teeth and tongue.

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