For the Two For The Crew Challenge I have designed a hammer that holds several tools. It has a holder about midway down the hammer. It has several tools that can easily be removed and used separately from the hammer. Although the tools are rather small due to limitations in size, but that just makes them useful when fixing small malfunctions. The tools that the hammer can hold include: a wrench, screwdriver, tweezers, and socket wrench. Each of the tools can be easily removed when they are needed. The holder is also a grip, so holding it would be easier. When in use, none of the separable tools are in the way when using the hammer. This multi tool can be completely 3D printed in ABS and still be completely functional. The tools all function in their original intended ways. The wrench can still twist and turn, the screwdriver can screw and unscrew, the tweezers can tweez, and the socket wrench still can use sockets. That is my entry for the Two For The Crew Challenge.

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