This design is a combination of a night light with an alarm clock.The alarm clock originally helps people get up in the morning or tell them what time it is.The nightlight was originally to help people who have phobias of darkness.This design was made by using a round roof and numbers to look like an alarm clock. On top of the round roof there is an upside down cone shape that is hollowed out. Inside, there are three light bulbs made from a paraboloids, and half circles.The light bulbs will create the lighting for the time frame that is found on Earth. It will be synchronized with the rise and the setting of the sun.This design is to help astronauts know when to get up and know when to fall back to sleep. According to, astronauts have a difficult time staying awake and going to sleep because of the lack of exposure to sunlight.The light bulbs will help reduce insomnia and keep the astronauts alert throughout the day.

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