A problem in space is that the astronauts can't take up too much weight since every pound costs 10,00 dollars. Another problem is that it is hard to manipulate a tool because astronauts wear big gloves on their hands when they are on their space walk. My tool fixes both of these problems. My tool is a Y shape with one side an adjustable wrench and the other a hammer. The wrench can be used on many different size bolts. This is much lighter than taking many wrenches of different sizes. Also, my tool has a hammer because I researched that astronauts use hammers in space. There is a big handle on Y Swrammer so the astronauts can fit their big glove in it. At the bottom of my tool is a loop so astronauts can attach a tether to it. To assemble the Y Swrammer, the astronauts would have to take the wrench or the hammer head and snap it into the handle part of the tool. I would like my tool to be made with recycled materials when and if printed on the 3-d printer.

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