This tool combines two first aid supplies, tweezers and an irrigation syringe, that are already included in the first aid kit on the ISS. Typically, an irrigation syringe is used in combination with tweezers to clean out open wounds with debris in them. First, the wound is cleaned by using the syringe to spray water on it, which this takes away big pieces of debris from the wound. Then the little pieces of debris are picked out by using the tweezers. The combination of these two tools utilize space and enhance convenience for cleaning the wound. The tweezers replace the plunger on the syringe. On the end of the tweezers is a plunger tip, which acts as a seal that allows for water to be pulled into and pushed out of the syringe. To use the syringe, just place the tweezers (end first) into the syringe and use like a normal syringe. To use the tweezers just pull the plunger out of the syringe and use like regular tweezers.

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