For the two for the crew project ABS plastic or nylon was used to make the gadget. The gadget has two sides that each serve a purpose to be on the international space station. On the one end of the gadget a 46 by 30 mm comb was added. This comb can be used for multiple purposes including hair, back scratcher, and a cleaning brush.On the other end of the gadget a massage stick measuring 26 by 54 mm was added because in space there less gravity so there bones don't function as well so they can use this to help for any pain they may have. Another thing this can be used for is a hammer in case they need to fix anything. Some facts about the tool is it is easy to carry around because of its compacted size. The international space station is only about 357.6 feet (or 109 meters) so the size is perfect and easy to be stored into a really tight space. The international space station has hundreds of large and small gadgets and this should be one.

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