The Trillium Tool combines the functions of a ratcheting socket wrench and a hexagonal wrench. I challenged myself to further improve the functionality of the first, uni-directional, ratchet printed on the ISS in 2014. This bi-directional ratchet has a rack-and-pinion mechanism for switching directions by turning a knob. Some of the best engineering solutions can be found in nature, and this three-leaf design was inspired by the trillium plant. Two of the leaves have a total of 8 hexagonal wrenches sizes M3-M14 on the back. The tool’s design eliminates a traditional handle in order to optimize material use and create a more compact and ergonomic design. The Trillium features a slot for a Velcro strap and indentations on each side to facilitate a firm grip and sufficient torque. In order to conform to the strict safety standards on the ISS, the Trillium’s precision assembly ensures that all of the pieces fit securely and cannot be accidentally dislodged even by a significant impact.

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