Space stations offers many advantages to it’s crew, but it also offers some disadvantages. This disadvantages include fixing their station from time to time. Now tools have come though lots of innovations through the years, but we a new breaking discovery has been acquired. The use of a useful tool known as an arm bracelet. This specific tool aids in holding tools, and many other items. It includes a flashlight which astronauts can assemble and use. Now, this arm bracelet offers many more advantages which include storage, medical supplies, and anything else you can think off. It’s easy fit offers any one, of any size to put it on. Astronauts can easily stop it on with elastic straps, or just use the weaved material to secure it. This arm bracelet is a breakthrough of creativeness, it allows an astronaut to work faster, and more conveniently. I present to you the Space Arm Bracelet, the next revolution for the vast silent space, and it’s inhabitants.

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