For my Two For the Crew Project, I created a multi-purpose tool that will be helpful to an astronaut in space. On one side of the tool is a wrench. In space, an astronaut would be able to use this tool for fixing things needed in small spaces, tightening things, loosening things, etc. On the other side of my tool is a magnifying glass. This magnifying glass has clear plastic as glass, because glass is not 3D printable. Also, it is reinforced with plastic. In space, a magnifying glass would be very useful because you could use it to make small areas or objects become enlarged. In a space ship, there is not very much room, so this tool will help make everything become easier to see. According to research, a ratchet was 3D printed in space and was very useful. They used it to fix repairs on the spaceship. Astronauts say that is was very useful because it’s compact and has a good purpose. 3D printing this tool will be very useful for astronauts, and help them in space.

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