This item has a screwdriver on one end and a flat head on the other. The way they can use this on the ISS is for use of tools . If something needs to be screwed or screwed in you are hooked up. The type of material that would be used in the 3D printing machine is a strong plastic like material. This speeds up the process when you need to types of screwdrivers because instead of having to look around if you lost one of the tools it would be hard to find but you have both as one tool. It makes very much useful sense for the shuttle because with zero gravity the tools may get easily lost so with this there’s two things in one so it’s easier to find. This device could probably be placed on the wall or in a box of the tools that may be clamped to the ground. This is meant for screws and the a screw with one line. On the ISS we know that they are experimenting a lot so this can speed up the process if they have to fix some things up for the experiment.

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