While on a mission, it’s important for the astronauts on board to eat healthy, including lots of crops such as lettuce, peas, and radishes. Crew members have been growing these plants and vegetables in their “space garden” for years, therefore, my tool, a “Trake,” can be used in their garden. In order to grow crops in space, you need a tool to plant them with. That’s why I created a trowel, with space to store seeds, connected to a rake on the other side. A trowel is a small handheld tool with a curved scoop used for lifting plants. A rake is a long tool used to smooth out soil in an area. This will be used for astronauts to plant and help grow crops. This’ll reduce the amount of food that has to be carried into space on a long mission along with the crew. It’s fully 3D printable because both of these objects can be made 100% out of ABS plastic. I believe that aboard this mission, it’s crucial to have the two pieces of equipment that I have made for this project such as a “Trake.”

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