The NextGen Pliers is a fully 3D printable pair of Pliers that utilizing a design similar to standard Pliers allows for a sturdy mechanism, and a place to cut / strip wires. In doing research into the tools that were brought up onto the ISS it seemed to be that they contained a screwdriver with an interchangeable bit with that in mind the Pliers have a standard bit adaptor on the back of one of the handles to allow use of a full length screwdriver. In designing the thought of accessibility came up, by doing research into tools a hex shaped hole was added to allow for string or a lanyard to be placed through it so that may be able to hang of places rather than floating away in the 0G. The removible pin allows for easy access to disassemble the pliers to be used independently. In the head of the Pliers there is a jagged surface for better grip along with a bigger grip for other bolts sizes. On both handles thaer are some designs cut into the pliers to allow better grip.

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