This year, I have entered your “Two For the Crew” challenge with my very useful 2-in-1 tool. For my tool, I decided to make something of a simple design, but what I feel is so good about my tool is that it can help save your life if needed. I decided early on that I would make a dispenser for bandaids and a tool to help you place bandaids. On one side, it is just longer and thin with a hollow inside to stick bandaids inside of while on the other side there are two round pieces that extend out. These are what help you place bandaids. I know for a fact that this tool can be 3D printed. This tool isn’t what you think it might be. You may be thinking, “How will we use bandages in space?” but it isn’t for your average use. I made this so that when you get a hole in your astronaut suit you will be able to patch it up to save your life. This will be very helpful because there is no oxygen in space. If that happens, this is the right object for you!

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