The tool people have used for centuries to understand space better was a telescope. It was a useful tool for viewing stars, planets and the moon in the sky. Today, we have technology to send astronauts to plants to explore. Once there, they would be able to see small objects on different planets and different terrains. A small tool like a magnifying glass would help them do this. This is a magnifying glass with a pair of tongs connected to it. It is used for grabbing small objects to look at with closer detail. Once you pick up an object, flip it to the magnifying glass side to inspect with closer detail. This is useful because examining small objects with just your eyes is difficult. This magnifying glass with tongs makes this easier by bringing the object closer to the eye, and making it look larger with the magnifying glass. This is a helpful tool for astronauts to observe debris and things like stones from other and moons.

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