In space, astronauts need a lot of tools for space walks and for repairs inside the space station. NASA sends an Automated Transfer Vehicle with all the replacement tools they need if a tool breaks. The problem is that they have a specific amount of mass because every extra pound costs more fuel. Their tools are heavy and specially made. The challenge is to get the tools they need up in space and have the astronauts be able to put their gloves around the tool or inside the handle. My tool, called Finger Tools covers all of this. Finger Tools can be used inside and outside the ISS. The tool is used on the astronauts’ finger and helps to minimize the weight and amount of tools needed to use on the space walk. This tool has a few heads that are kept in place by a locking system. Some parts of the tool needs to be assembled. The blue piece on the 3D platform is an attachment for the electric ISS screwdriver. The pink pieces are tool heads for the white finger tool.

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