The Snap Ring Wrench is a great way to combine tools, and a great way to use them in space. The tool combines snap ring pliers and, different size sockets for nuts and bolts used to hold the I.S.S. together. According to Research, the snap ring pliers are used to remove clamps called, Retaining Clips which can be difficult if you don't have the correct tools. Next, The two pieces of equipment were combined Since most bolts on the I.S.S. have retaining clips for safety. This allows the snap Ring pliers to remove them, then the bolts can be extracted or fastened using different size sockets. Also, throughout the design, It was determined that it would be a great idea to build the handles separately. Since, if a nut or bolt is in a hard-to-reach spot, the handles can be taken apart to decrease the tools size and, make it easier to complete the task. In Conclusion, The Snap Ring Wrench is a great way to 3D Print tools in space, but, has to be put together after being printed.

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