The Socket Hockit

Over the past few weeks I have been developing a tool that could be used on the space station, so I made the socket wrench/drill bit holder. My design consist of a fully functional turning wrench, a large area on the back of the wrench can be used as a ham\
mering surface. Finally the design takes into consideration that in low gravity things don't stay put so I added two small hooks. My project is useful due to the fact that the station is man made and almost everything man maid needs maintenance and repair. During this time we will have to have a large amount of tools on station or we could just combine tools like what I have done here. For my design I have researched a good amount of things used on station and through process of elimination have decided to make a tool that can easily carry both tools and be used. The tool is also very mobile. In conclusion the tool is in short a very mobile and useful tool.

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