This is a wrencher. A wrencher is a multi-purpose tool that has the uses of a wrench and a hammer. On one end, it has a ball peen hammer head. On the other end of the wrencher, it has a combination wrench head. The ball peen hammer end can be used to strike punches and chisels, and the combination wrench head can be used to fasten bolts, nuts, fasteners, etc. It may sound like a simple concept, but it could be very useful. In 2000, Daniel Burbank, an American astronaut, and Boris Morukov, a Russian physician had to use a hammer and a chisel to smash off a poorly placed bracket because it was getting in the way of an electronics bay. In early 2016, Tim Kopra, an engineer/astronaut, and Tim Kopra, and Tim Peake, a British astronaut of the European Space Agency, headed towards the vessel’s outer solar panels in order to repair a faulty voltage regulator which hampered the ISS’s power supply for several months. The tool they used to replace the voltage regulator was a wrench.

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