Space gardening is a new area of interest for astronauts. Astronauts travel for an extended period of time. Research shows that nutritional foods are important for an astronaut’s health and body under harsh conditions, with packaged foods needing to last up to five years. Gardening is a great option to help with this. The transition from packaged foods to gardened foods can be made easier with the three in one tool, the Garden and Go. This tool has a water can base and three special features, made of ABS plastic, that allows astronauts to water, shovel, and seed a garden. Gardened plants grow in dirt or water. The Garden and Go can adjusts to either. When plants are grown in water, the watering feature allows astronauts to add more water. When plants will be grown in dirt, the shoveling feature allows astronauts to move dirt along, while the seeding feature allows adding seeds. The Garden and Go could be a major step towards the future of space gardening and continuous food supply.

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