The Space Bolt Sorter is a small rectangular box that is used to identify the sizes of screws/bolts and can also be used to carry screws and bolts outside on spacewalks. The box can be hooked onto the astronaut so that it doesn’t fall off. The little holes to determine the size of the bolts/screws. The holes won’t be completely hollow through the box and will have a base. (This is to prevent the bolts/screws and stuff to fall out) Sizes of the holes will vary and will try to incorporate as many holes as there could be used to identify the most bolts/screw sizes. There will be a little hole on the side so that there is an area where the astronaut can hook it to the suit. There is a lid on the top of the device, where the astronaut can easily open the lid and choose the bolts/screws that they need. The box will fit on most likely the thigh/ the side of the leg where the astronaut can easily reach into to use. To use the bolt/screw sizer, they could just grab the box and use the sizer.

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