The problem in space is that some tool boxes are too big to carry around. The toolbox carries a lot of tools, but the astronauts cannot go around in space with a big toolbox. This could be addressed by creating a foldable or more portable tool case that the astronauts can carry around with them. My design is the The Trip Tool. The Trip Tool will eliminate this challenge. The Trip Tool has a tether on one end and a pistol grip on the other end. The tether will hold the pistol grips while the astronauts are using it. If the astronauts want a tool that will help with doing two things at the same time, they should take The Trip Tool with them because they can attach the tools to the tether so they do not have to carry them. The Trip Tool will have an adjustable belt so any type of size can wear the trip. The pistol grip will come with a small hook so the astronauts can attach the hook to the harness.

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