For this Two For The Crew science project I combined two tools that astronauts use. The two tools that I combined are a flashlight and a wrench. I chose these two tools because I was looking at the International Space Station on the website and I found that they were using a lot of space for both a flashlight and a wrench. I thought that as a result of the wrench and flashlight together they will use less space and they can use that space for food or drinks instead. I chose these two tools over every other tool because flashlights are needed to see so that they don't hit anything and break it in the space station. A wrench is also needed to tighten up bolts so they don't break down in the middle of space and get injured. The tool that I made looks like a wrench, but I put three tiny battery operated light bulbs on the wrench handle. I added a switch in order to turn the light bulbs on and off. I hope that one day astronauts can use this tool to help them in space.

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