The wrenchlet is a combination of a wrench and a mallet. This tool will help astronauts in space get tough jobs done,while still only taking up very little space. The wrenchlet will allow astronauts to make repairs without having to hold multiple tools at a time. According to a mallet is used in surgery as “An item used to resist chipping and damage to bone cutting instruments during general orthopedic and surgical procedures.” If someone has an object in their rib cage they will need to break through the rib cage to get the object out and save the person. In addition the wrenchlet can help build new objects made out of unwanted metals. The mallet can bend the unwanted sheet metals, while if the object needs to be bolted together the astronauts will have a wrench ready to go on the back of their wrenchlet. Overall the wrenchlet is a very useful tool to use on the space station. While only taking up half of the space a normal tool would take up.

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