For my project, I decided to make a duo of a magnifying glass and a screwdriver. The magnifying glass side would be used for looking at certain things closer, and the screwdriver side would be used for any screws that need to be tightened or loosened. The reason I made a magnifying glass and screwdriver duo is because if an astronaut has to fix something, and needs to look at it closer, they could use the magnifying glass end. Instead of the person having to reach other and grab another tool, they have the screwdriver end. They wouldn’t have to worried about tools flying all over the place while they’re trying to get work done. The only thing is this duo that would need to be replaced is the glass in the magnifying glass end. For it to work, you would actually need a magnifying glass. Magnifying glasses and screwdrivers aren used in a special way in space. There isn’t really a certain way to use a screwdriver and magnifying glass.

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