Many times an Astronaut might need to make a quick fix of repair to an object in the shuttle. This tool that’s created contains less space, helps for an easy fix, and it has two tools in one. The object created has two parts: a mallet and wrench on opposite sides and has a ball handled seated thin pipe in the middle of both parts. The tool can function throughout the space station by fixing the Gallery Table which has lots of nuts and bolts to tighten or loosen. The WHC ( Waste and Hygiene Compartment) is a bathroom with bolts, pipes, and nails that could use help from both tools. The OGS ( Oxygen Generation System) has water, hydrogen, and oxygen, so if a pipe breaks a mallet could hit it back into place to seal it up. The wrench can function by loosening or tightening bolts. The Mallet and can be used for hitting nails or other parts in place. To close this device can be used in many parts of the shuttle as it contains less space and has many uses.

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