As its name implies, The VersaTool is a versatile, multi-functional tool. Essentially, it is a combination of an Allen wrench, screwdriver, and hex/square head wrench.

Allen wrenches allow users to operate in two settings: high speed and high torque. When using the shorter side as the handle, one is in high-speed mode due to the shorter rotational axis of the handle. Conversely, using the longer side as the handle increases the length of the rotational axis to trade speed for strength/torque.

The VersaTool applies this principle to screwdrivers. Using the hinge (0.45mm clearance on all sides for medium resistance), one can keep the tool in either speed or strength mode (perpendicular to handle). Renderings of both are included in the preview. To switch, remove the hinge, then rotate and resecure. The double-sided head includes a flathead and a Phillips screwdriver.

For the hex/square heads, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm sockets are located on the handle of the screwdriver.

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