Regular screwdrivers and hammers won’t cut it in space with the bulky gloves and zero gravity. They need to be modified to fit the needs and conditions in space. Engineers may use Velcro or hooks to keep tools from drifting off during extra vehicular activity. They also put grips on the handles of tools so they can have more easily maneuver them. I did that, as well as incorporate a single piece that flips out into various tools. Because you don’t have gravity to hold you down as you work, there are locks and things that will stop so that the force you put on the tool doesn’t move you instead. I made the proportions of the handle to the actual tool thicker so that it wouldn’t snap or break. It uses less material than the tools separate because there are many different tools on a single handle, different parts are taken away to save materials. With the shapes available and keeping the needs up in space in mind, I chose tools that would be most efficiently made.

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